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Our vision for the price rises is very simple:

  • Company (owner of the token or coin) got something and doing press releases
  • News portals (CoinTelegraph and others) writing about them
  • People (crypto traders and investors) will read these news and buy the tokens
  • Price goes up

What If we can measure not only number of the news posts but also weight of each article?..

Welcome to Tindex!

Tindex & token/coin price correlation


  • We have taken around 40 most popular websites that are posting news about crypto industry and analyze each article for the token mention (over 36 thousands articles in total).
  • After that, we have calculated weight for each article depending on website authority and number of tokens mentioned in the article. This brings us Tindex (Token index).
  • Next step is to use EMA (Exponential moving average) to calculate changes of the Tindex over the time.

Let’s take a look.


  • Blue (TIN5) – EMA for 5 days
  • Black (TIN10) – EMA for 10 days
  • Green (TIN30) – EMA for 30 days
  • Grey area – price of the token/coin in BTC

Got questions?

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